About CowBos

High Energy Cattle Feed Products

CowBos is a complete supplement that provides protein, energy, and trace minerals in optimal proportions for maximum performance. Supplementation with CowBos increases microbial yield, microbial efficiency & nutrient utilization.

CowBos Sweet and Bitter are blended together to achieve optimum nutrient synchrony and provide dietary protein and energy sources to ruminal microorganisms simultaneously in proportions needed by the ruminal population. The protein supplementation is two-fold, as CowBos provides dietary protein as well as higher levels of microbial protein, due to the increase in microbial population.

CowBos provides supplemental energy without decreasing forage utilization. CowBos provides Nitrogen and readily available carbohydrates to the rumen microbes in the proper proportions and facilitates an optimal rumen environment. CowBos is molasses based. Both cane and beet molasses are sources of readily available carbohydrates (simple sugars), which are important for microbial protein production.

CowBos Liquid Cattle Supplements

CowBos Liquid Supplements are a convenient, economical means of supplementing your cow/calf herd, 365 days a year.

  • Virtually No Waste
  • Saves Labor and Fuel
  • Readily Available Nutrients
  • Controlled Consumption
  • Carrier for Approved Additives
  • Improves Fetus Development
  • Increased Milk Production

Proudly Formulated with MINTREX®

Mintrex chelated trace minerals | Ruby Valley Feeds | Montana
CowBos liquid feed products are formulated with MINTREX® chelated trace minerals.MINTREX® is mineral (Zinc, Manganese and Copper) bound to the essential amino-acid methionine (HMTBa) to protect the mineral from dietary antagonists as it passes through the gastrointestinal tract so that more of the mineral is available for absorption. When you feed CowBos with the patented-power of MINTREX®, you get the benefit of the mineral as well as methionine. MINTREX® has been shown to improve hoof health, reproduction and immunity.